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Wedding Video Features Information
Two-Camera Ceremony Coverage
Use two cameras allows us to capture the best views for your wedding video. As good as we are, one camera can only be in one place at a time. The additional camera will be manned. (We also have a backup camera. Just in case)

Audio & Video Suite Editing including credits and animated section openings

Our nonlinear editing suite creates a finished video you will want to watch many times over the years. It comes standard with all weddings expcept the Justice-of-the-Peace wedding. It can be replaced in most weddings by our Raw Edits option to reduce costs.
Cocktail Hour plus the Reception
The Videographer is at the reception hall covering, the tables in their final preparation, the arrival of your guests, the signing of the guest book, congratulatory interviews with your friends and family, the entry of the guests into the hall, your arrival at the hall, the introduction of the head table, the blessing, the toasts (with wireless), the kisses, the skits, the showing of the growing-up montage, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the father/bride dance, the mother/groom dance, the bridal party dance, the tossing of the bouquet, the tossing of the garter, the walk around( with wireless) and quite frankly anything else you wish to add. We stay until the lights go down and filming becomes difficult. Even then we record some of the dancing in infra-red (black and white) coverage. This usually last until 10:30 to 11:30. We do not talk about extras until after midnight. We do this with one or two digital cameras on tripods and dollies with audio backup using wireless microphones at the podiums or we hook directly into the sound system.
Video Projection
Allow your guests to view your "Through the Years" and/or "Love Story" productions by projecting them at your reception on a screen up to 10 feet wide!
Love-Story Video

A romantic video production shot at locations of your choice. We capture your special memories, interviews and hopes during a day of private taping. Your Love Story Video will tell the world why you chose to spend your lives together. Love Story Photo/Video montage for showing your guests at the Reception.

You and your fiance's pictures from baby to the most recent are transferred to video and put to music. If this is done well before the date of the wedding, it may be shown at the rehearsal dinner or at your reception.

Allow your guests to view your "Through the Years" and/or "Love Story" productions by projecting them at your reception on a screen up to 10 feet wide!

We spend a full day (4 to 8 hours as needed) with you, getting your love story, Photos, (if available video/8mm/super-8 conversions), of your life A Projector and Screen will be provided for the reception.

Web Wedding

Check our Web Wedding

Example link

Place your wedding announcement, privately in our Web-Wedding section. You give information and directions to friends with announcements/photos, maps, etc. saving yourself time and money.

Out of Towners get

Online Hotel Reservations
Suggested Accommodations
Suggested Air Travel / Car Rentals
Favorite Restaurants
Things To Do and See

Details of the Event

Slide Show

Bridal Party Information

Your Gift Registry

Your Personal Story

A Guest Book

An R.S.V.P.

A Contact Us email

Following the ceremony, you share pictures from your wedding video, Thank-You's to your Guests and personal comments with friends and relatives all over the world through the power and convenience of the World Wide Web and within 72 hours of your wedding day. You can actually view these pages while you are on your Honeymoon, although you will probably be too busy.


Rehearsal Coverage
You can relive those nervous hours before the big event. Some very interesting things have happened at rehearsals over the years.
Bride or Groom Preps


We will be on hand to record the moments while either the bride or groom are getting ready for the wedding. 90% of the events occuring during the Preparations are forgotten by the time you make your vows. Our recordings will bring back a flood of memories. Note: Grooms, generally, have no idea what their Bride goes through for them. Our recordings help inform them.
75 Thank-You Gift Videos
  • This service provides 75 Thank-You Gift Videos on CD. Photo slideshow, Bridal Party biographies and Video highlights of your wedding along with your personal message are placed on a (200mg) CD (with enveloppe and Thank You card) to send to your guests as a personal memento.
  • Many couples want to send copies of their video to special guests but limit the numbers because of the high cost. We provide you with 75 copies, extras cost $1.37@ making it affordable to send every guest their own personal memento of your wedding.
Honeymoon Montage


A montage of your honeymoon photos, postcards, and video edited to music. This is usually added to the end of your wedding video tape but can be put on a separate cassette, if requested. It is similar to our birthday and anniversary videos.

Additional Reproductions

(each) ... $29.95

A quality reproduction of your Wedding video or the Highlights tape makes a Great, Personal and Inexpensive, `Thank You' gifts for those who have done so much for you. Personalized Reproductions are also available on request.

S-VHS Master Tape

... $34.95

This is a high-quality master Super-VHS Video tape that you can use to make impressive copies with minimal generational loss of quality. Many of the newer VCRs can playback this 400 line resolution video on your television.

MiniDV Master Tape

... $49.95 1rst tape -- $34.95 2nd + tapes

This is a copy of the high-quality master MiniDV Video tape that you can use to make impressive copies without the usual generational loss of quality. It's small size allows it to be stored in a safety-deposit box. This tape can be re-edited on a nonlinear editing suite with no generational loss unlike the DVD which needs to be redigitized.

Ottawa Wedding Bride


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Ottawa Wedding Bride

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