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Weekly Tips

Monday Finalizing Your Wedding Flowers

Flower Don't finalize your wedding flowers until about three months before your wedding. As your wedding plans evolve, certain elements may change and you want your wedding flowers to best compliment and enhance your theme and decor.

Tuesday Getting Along With Your Bridesmaids

Having trouble getting along with a bridesmaid? They may fear that their relationship with you will change and that they may be "losing a friend". Be considerate of their feelings. Tell them how important your friendship is to you and that although you're getting married, their friendship will always be important.

Wednesday Thank You Notes And Gifts From A Group

If the gift is from a small group of close friends (like your bridesmaids), you need to send a thank you note to each one individually.

If the gift is from a larger group of people (5 or more) such as from your department at work, a club or church group, then sending one thank you note is acceptable.

Thursday Wedding Portraits Taken Before The Wedding Day

Some brides choose to to have formal portraits taken a few weeks prior to the wedding day. These portraits are usually taken in a studio with just the right lighting and can be absolutely beautiful!

Keep in mind that there is nothing that matches that "wedding day glow" that you'll have on your wedding day.

Friday Love Story Video Taken Before The Wedding Day

The Love Story is an increasingly popular video package. This involves taping a separate day of extended roaming-interviews with the Bride and Groom. You go to those romantic locations important to you such as where you met, your first date, and the location of the proposal. Some couples even re-enact the wedding proposal. You tell of your plans for the future and thank those who have been so very important to you over the years.



Ottawa Wedding Bride

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